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What are the symptoms of Anxiety?

Most people have heard of the mental-emotional term known as ‘Anxiety’ but unsurprisingly most do not quite understand what exactly the term ‘Anxiety’ means and are also unaware of the wide ranging symptoms related to the mental-emotional state known as ‘Anxiety’.

In most cases people struggling with ‘Anxiety’ initially have absolutely no idea and can easily mistake their ‘Anxiety’ symptoms for an unidentifiable physical medical condition. They may often spend many costly hours and days at doctors appointments and hospital A&E departments because the symptoms they are experiencing are so pronounced and feel very real and extremely distressful.

Then after being checked out by medical professionals and doctors many times and each time given the all clear physically people can become very confused because they are told it’s probably ‘Anxiety’ and told to take it easy and maybe offered some medication or counselling.

If only it was that simple!


Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

    Mental-Emotional Symptoms Include

  • Mind Racing, Overwhelmed, Trapped, Irritable, Restless, Tense
  • Poor Concentration, Forgetful, Oversleep, Insomnia, Exhausted
  • Intrusive Thoughts, Avoid Situations, Wanting to Escape-Flee
  • OCD, Paranoia, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Fears-Phobias, Depression

    Physical Symptoms Include

  • Muscle Tension-Pain, Numbness, Twitches, Tingling, Trembling
  • Headaches, Dizziness, Disoriented, Vertigo, Light-Headed
  • Heart Palpitations, Indigestion, Shortness of Breath, Sweating
  • Sickness-Nausea, Knot in Stomach, IBS, Excessive Bathroom Use

Maybe you like many people have tried other methods to cope with ‘Anxiety’ such as self-help, medication, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP or CBT with limited results?


If you or someone you know would like more specific advice about this or any other mental-emotional issue or personal development issue, please feel free to contact us for a courtesy chat and one of our Advanced Mind Coaching Specialists would be delighted to advise and help you.

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