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Can forgiveness set you free?

Wisdom, Tips & Support:
“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”
Irish Dramatist, George Bernard Shaw

Our tip for today is to forgive yourself for a mistake you made recently.

We hope you have an extraordinary day!

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Do you sometimes struggle with food cravings?


My name is Mark Walsh and I’m an Advanced Mind Coach.

I have been curious for quite a while about the alleged benefits of an ancient practice known as intermittent fasting for health benefits. Reference: www.healthimpactnews.com/2013/what-the-science-says-about-intermittent-fasting/

I have decided to experiment with a new healthy lifestyle plan that involves the practice of intermittent fasting, drinking just water alone on the days of my fast.

The good news for me is that on my fast days I have the necessary Advanced Mind Coaching techniques to easily let go of any food cravings and unwanted feelings without having to indulge them.

I will be running this experiment on myself right up until Easter Sunday. I will then decide at this point given the results of my findings on whether or not I want to continue with this particular lifestyle plan.

This is the basic schedule for my plan:

Monday: Exercise in the morning – Drinking water only all day

Tuesday:Exercise in the morning – breakfast-lunch-dinner

Wednesday: Exercise in the morning – Drinking water only all day

Thursday: Exercise in the morning – breakfast-lunch-dinner

Friday: Exercise in the morning – Drinking water only all day

Saturday: Breakfast-lunch-dinner-treats if I want

Sunday: Breakfast-lunch-dinner-treats if I want

I am not a nutritional expert and I do not recommend anyone else try this for themselves without consulting with their doctor first and getting the best medical advice.

For anyone curious or interested in my experiment I will keep you up to speed with my discoveries on my fasting days.

All the best,


No Food

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