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What is Anxiety?


Anxiety, Dictionary definition:

  1. A  feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. “She felt a surge of anxiety.”
  2. A strong desire or concern to do something or for something to happen. “The housekeeper’s eager anxiety to please.”


The Neuroscience of Anxiety Disorders by Matthew Mackinnon MD



Advanced Mind Coaching definition of Anxiety:

Anxiety is a specific state of being in which a person can feel a variety of intense feelings such as mind racing, nervousness, tension, and unease, to name but a few. This precise state known as “anxiety” occurs because the subconscious, emotional part of a person’s mind is in a habit of choosing to think about themselves, their life, other people or the world around them in a specific obsessively worrying (but what if?) manner.

It is this specific subconscious (but what if?) habitual and intrusive pattern of thought that creates the feeling of anxiety that they are experiencing. This (anxiety-creating) pattern of thought materialises during a person’s lifetime, at a subconscious emotional level via life experiences and generally becomes more pronounced as a person gets older.


Advanced Mind Coaching solution for Anxiety!

Neutralising: We first help the person to identify the specific subconscious, habitual and intrusive pattern of thought that has been creating the feeling of anxiety that they are experiencing. Then we help them to neutralise these specific patterns of thought so they can think the thoughts and feel free from the sensation of anxiety or any uncomfortable feelings.

Developing: We help the person to quickly develop the precise skill of being able to acknowledge and let go of intrusive thoughts and uncomfortable feelings quickly. This precise mind skill (filter) automatically allows intrusive thoughts and uncomfortable feelings to easily pass through a person’s subconscious mind and body so fast that most of the time they are not even consciously aware that the process is happening. It is important to remember that once a person has developed this skill, they have it for life!

Empowering: We also help the person to nurture a more resourceful, resilient and solution focused mindset, so their mind automatically looks for all the best possible solutions to the problems they face. Doing so allows them to process any stress, strains, and challenges in their life in a calmer more confident manner and ultimately allows them to feel empowered and free to enjoy much more success, satisfaction, and happiness in their life day-to-day.


If you or someone you know would like more specific advice about this or any other mental-emotional issue or personal development issue, please feel free to contact us for a courtesy chat and one of our Advanced Mind Coaching Specialists would be delighted to advise and help you.


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