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Aisling Cowan - Advanced Mind Coaching Specialist

Aisling Cowan AMCS

Advanced Mind Coaching Specialist

Aisling is one of only a few Advanced Mind Coaching Specialists in the UK and Ireland with her unique skill-set, expertise and experience. She has helped many people quickly become free of emotional and psychological issues such as work related stress, anxiety, depression, weight problems, fears & phobias, public speaking, relationship & intimacy issues, comfort eating, low self-esteem, low confidence and much more. She has helped many people quickly promote calm, confidence, and happiness in their mind and life and make lasting changes that greatly benefit their emotional well-being and physical health.

She is a fully accredited and vastly experienced Mental Health Awareness Coach and Advanced Mind Coaching Specialist.

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Aisling is an Advanced Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), known worldwide as the ‘Science behind Success’. Aisling has the skills necessary to help people quickly overcome their old self-limiting beliefs and help them change unhelpful thought patterns in the subconscious, emotional parts of their minds.

She is an accredited and experienced Advanced Mind Therapist.

Aisling is also an Advanced Performance Mind Coach. She has coached and motivated many people to develop their ability and success in business. She has helped them discover resources beyond their conscious awareness, enhancing public speaking ability, building confidence and self-belief.

She is an accredited and experienced Advanced Performance Mind Coach.

Aisling offers an extremely personal service and tailors her therapy to suit the individual, and their own life experience. Being a young woman allows her to reach out and communicate with other young people in an important way. Aisling has a particular interest in working with young women to help guide them with confidence through the enormous pressures of modern life.

She is an accredited member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA).

Using her skills and knowledge as a Nutritionist, Aisling specialises in the treatment of disordered eating: uncontrollable cravings, bulimia and food guilt which are increasingly common in this image obsessed world. She works with very overweight men and women and sets individual programmes to guide them in sustainable weight loss and maintenance. She has achieved groundbreaking success in helping her clients become free of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and its debilitating symptoms. Aisling regularly delivers seminars and workshops for the Public Health Agency in community groups and organisations.

She is a fully qualified Nutritionist, registered with the UKVRN.

Aisling is a consummate professional and her passion, understanding and desire to reach out and help other people ensures that her clients know from the beginning that they can trust her to help them.

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